3 Lives, in search of bliss

Book Cover: 3 Lives, in search of bliss

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Read the spiritual fiction bestseller that is winning the hearts of readers from all over the world.


3 Lives, in search of bliss is an inspirational fable of a New York city cab driver who, upon his unfortunate and sudden death, finds himself being offered three chances at redemption and finding happiness. The book is about the 3 lives he leads, the choices he makes in those lives and attainment of eternal wisdom and bliss.

After his death, Ray is offered three lives, each designed out of his choices, to find happiness. What starts as a journey towards wealth, health and knowledge turns into a discovery of eternal wisdom, and ultimately leads to bliss. Exotic, evocative and haunting, the tale of Ray Cordoza’s three lives will make you ponder the choices that you make in your own life towards the pursuit of happiness.

The book is a celebration of the beauty of this wonderful universe and our lives as human beings. It falls into the genre of spiritual fiction – a format in which a fictional narrative is interlaced with philosophical and spiritual concepts. It could also (easily) be categorized as inspirational, self-help and motivational, depending on the perspective of the reader.

3 Lives is a product of inspired passion which aims to present eastern and western spiritual concepts in a manner that demonstrates the one-ness of everything in this world that we find ourselves in. That we all share the same fears, desires and aspirations. And, that we all have the same questions. That we share, at a fundamentally spiritual level, a deep and abiding desire to find and hold onto happiness.

Whether you’re looking to be inspired or to comprehend the seemingly incomprehensible pain and disappointments that come our way in life, this short novella is bound to leave a deep and lasting impression on you. Happy journeys!



3 Lives is self-published. It’s not backed by a big name publishing house.  Somehow, against all odds, the book has managed to capture the imagination of a growing number of readers who have been kind and eloquent with their praise for the book’s message. With deep gratitude to those kind souls who’ve written about the book, I’d like to present a few testimonials here. I continue to remain humbled and stunned by such powerful praise.


The Week, one of India’s largest weekly publications and a part of the the Malayala Manorama group, devoted a full page review to 3 Lives in which they described the book as “mystery of life in a gist.”

Read the full review from The Week.


MSN India, one of India’s largest news and entertainment sites in India, described the book as thus: “If you are in search of that bliss, that ever elusive serenity, get hold of this simple tale very simply but cleverly told!”

Read the full review from MSN India

BOOK REVIEWS ON GOODREADSMore reviews of the book at Goodreads here




Brian Smith, Amazon Vine Voice says <sic> the books is “So good, it’ll make you wish you were dead”

I went into the book with pretty low expectations based on the fact I hadn’t heard of the author, this was his first book and anyone can “publish” anything on the Kindle platform now and call it a book. Boy, was I wrong. This book blew my socks off. I don’t read a lot of fiction. But, this is the best fictional book I’ve read since “The Shack”.  This book is worth your money and your time”

I rarely give a book (or anything) five stars. After seeing every review on Amazon so far for this book has been five stars, I was looking for a reason to take a star away. If all the review are five stars, people might think something funny is going on. But, this book deserves every one of those stars. Pick it up.

Read Brian’s full review at Amazon and at his blog here

D. Buxman, Amazon Top 1000 reviewer says “The most pleasant surprise I’ve had all year”

The synthesis of Eastern and Western conceptions of God was the most compelling that I have read or reviewed in recent memory. The development of characters, not through extensive description, but through their personal experiences really pulled me into the story and opened my eyes to perspectives that I had never really examined. I don’t recall the last time that I’ve been given so much insight in such a small number of pages. It is clear that this is a work of deep thought and reflection. Often when I finish a book, I simply delete it from my Kindle so it doesn’t clutter my first page. This book will be on my first page for a long time

Read Darrin’s full review at Amazon here

The book has garnered a string of 5-star reviews on Amazon. Read all the reviews on Amazon 


A resoundingly high number of readers on Flipkart have given the book 5-star ratings!

Pinal Dave says, “If you read one book, do yourself a favor and make it “Three Lives.”

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Not to put too fine a point on it, but I feel that I finally understand the meaning of my life. If you read one book, do yourself a favor and make it “Three Lives.”

Read Pinal Dave’s full review here

Sankar Ganesan says, “A gem of a book.”

Friendship comes in many forms. I stumbled upon Srini Chandra on Twitter. I haven’t spoken to him or met him in person. It is not often that someone comes up with a stunner like “3 Lives”. What a debut! It is said first impression is the best impression – the cover of the book is stunning. As regards the content, I must say it is on par with “Siddhartha” by Herman Hesse. many many years ago when was I was young, I stumbled upon “Siddhartha” in a dusty corner of a lending library. It was a turning point in my life. That book left a deep impact on me. Now, several years later, destiny has thrown “3 Lives” on my lap. This book will have a permanent pride of place in the small library that I have in my sweet home. I will ensure that “3 Lives” rubs shoulder with other literary giants in my book shelf. If I were to recommend a book to my two little daughters when they grow up, as a father, I would recommend “3 Lives”. But as they grow up, I hope Srini Chandra will have written many more books as “3 Lives”. This is one book which is worth the wait and worth the weight in gold. Just place your order for the “3 Lives” on Flipkart!

Read Sankar Ganesan’s review here

Vishram Naniwadekar describes it as, “Un-put-downable.”

Srini exhibits a great talent to explain concepts and create healthy inquiry within the reader’s mind, in an effortless manner. 3 lives is an easy-flowing insightful book with a well-balanced mixture of story, humour and wisdom. It was refreshing to read a book that does not seek to impose the author’s opinions onto the reader and instead encourages the reader to think on her own and draw her own conclusions. Would recommend this book to anyone who is curious about what happiness and life is about. Delightful and ‘un-put-downable’.

Read Vishram Naniwadekar’s review here

Shashank Kudlur writes, “Very Relevant.”

Even though I’m just 16 years old, I sometimes wonder how Death is… I feel scared of losing my loved ones… This book makes me feel much better and makes me realise that Life is just a blissful journey! HATS OFF TO THE AUTHOR.

Read Shashank Kudlur’s review here

Saurabh Dudeja writes, “Must for everyone.”

I would recommend this book to every person wherever or whatever he/she is.it is a book that talks spread the message of true love and devotion to God that for an individual to be happy or in a state of bliss he has to shed his/her desires and make God’s will as his/her own will.fascinating story and a salute to the author.awesome work.

Read Saurabh Dudeja’s review here

Indrajit Banerjee writes, “Loved it.”

There are some (rather, very rare) experiences in life, which compels you to exclaim -“Wow, that was amazing…”. Well friends, i had exactly this experience when i read this book. The experience of reading the book was simply mind-blowing… A plethora of thoughts evoked and i felt a perfect mixture of patheticity and ecstasy getting evoked within myself. Every page gave me peace, the most elusive thing in this world. Please read it, because it connects us with our ‘true self’…Thank you Mr. Srini, for producing such a master piece…

Read Indrajit Banerjee’s review here

Kanupriya Jain writes, “Magical. Awe inspiring.”

This is easily one of the best book, i have ever read. It is truly a magical book. This books takes you out for a quest in search of Happiness. And eventually makes you understand real meaning of happiness. This book is a must read for everyone who ever struggled to find what happiness really is. It is a gem of spiritual writing. All those who have even slightest of spiritual bent must not miss amazing awe-inspiring work. Srini, I cant thank you enough for his magnificent book. You have actually put forward the gist of life, for the layman(like me) to understand. Thank you.

Read Kanupriya Jain’s review here

 Manas Ranjan Dash writes, “You are the source of your happiness.”

With a great passion and interest I completed the book and was happy and tried all the way to thank the author of such a masterpiece Mr. Srini Chandra. He has shown me the way of happiness. I got it, it’s with me. After really a great interval of time I read such a good book and each of the lives described in the book are searching happiness and are teaching you the way. Srini has chosen the words very carefully so that each word contributes to a line are becoming a world of wisdom. The struggle of happiness through various lives is making the book more interesting. Every single page of the book will make you feel happy and will teach you that…..“you are the source of your happiness”. A few lines of wisdom I collected from the book goes this way. Amongst all the lines I can say this is the best one……Be content to ask for nothing and willing to give everything.

Read Manas Ranjan Dash’s review here

Read all the reviews on Flipkart

You can buy “3 Lives” from the Amazon Kindle Store.

Let Go. Be Happy.


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  2. Pingback: A lesson in faith and surrender | Cyber Nag

    1. What Ho!

      I love the concept. Speaking as an author (and for myself), I would love for 3 Lives to be passed on to as many people as possible. As a matter of fact, I plan to offer a free download of a PDF version of 3 Lives on this blog soon (when I get around to it), and put a version on Pirate Bay and other torrent sites myself. The Hindu article has come out well. Hope this catches on.


    1. What Ho! Post author

      I love the concept. Speaking as an author (and for myself), I would love for 3 Lives to be passed on to as many people as possible. As a matter of fact, I plan to offer a free download of a PDF version of 3 Lives on this blog soon (when I get around to it), and put a version on Pirate Bay and other torrent sites myself. The Hindu article has come out well. Hope this catches on.


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