It was the best of days. it was the worst of days. We were all headed to Heaven. We were all going directly the other way.

You are a strange man, Suhel Seth. I gaze upon you in intrigue and fascination, as I would a smoldering car wreck.

What started out as a 500 word review of “Interstellar” has culminated in a 4,000 word treatise on the laws of physics.

A list of ‘things I believe in.’ Naturally, this is work in progress.

India – Cut and Dried takes artistic liberty in chronicling real experiences during my life in India between 2002 and 2014.

The cosmic calendar provides perspective as we ponder earthly matters. Read more.

Yesterday, What Ho! received this letter from God in which he clarifies his role and responsibilities and tells us, that contrary to perception, he doesn’t answer prayers.

Why are there things? Why is there a universe? Why are there stars, planets, earth, moon, human beings, frogs and flowers? Why are there scientific laws? Why are there abstract things like time, space and distance? Why is there anything? Of all the possibilities, isn’t the simplest that of nothing?

A legendary search for an identity; of a soul in obsessive search of salvation.

Maya Angelou’s moving description of the last moments with her mother.

From the Dr. Carolyn Porco shares her ‘dangerous idea.’

Which are the top 5 craziest countries in the world? Rest easy. What Ho! rankings are at hand.

What is the Hindu Way of Life? Who is a Hindu? Here’s my take. Instead of writing, I’ve made a short video.

Is there a purpose to our lives? Or are we imagining that there is one?

Finding the most number of right answers? Or finding the least wrong answers? Which is a better way to educate our kids?

Dhoom 3 is paisa vasool. It’s Aamir Khan’s gig and every one else is just part of it.

For all the arguing we do, we just don’t seem to be good at it. Arguing has been misunderstood over the centuries as something anyone with lots of time and a Twitter account can do. What’s not appreciated is that it’s an art form, the sort which requires great passion and lots of practice to excel.

Is patriotism morally just? What logic lies in blind loyalty to a nation, whose citizenship you hold only because of a random act of nature? What does it mean to fall in love with India?

Is there a formula for a good life? Are there secret ingredients like some sort of a magical mix of love, work and social connections?

BIG NEWS, folks. I have started a new religion. Is there a need for a new religion, you ask? And I say no, but have gone ahead with it anyway.  In any case, I’ve already updated my Twitter bio with this announcement. So, this whole thing is kind of irreversible at this point. The die […]

CHENNAI. JULY 17, 2013.  Describing it as a “nightmarish experience,” Avinash Iyer, 24, claimed that an elderly relative who engaged him in conversation at a cousin’s wedding went back on a promise to “cut a long story short,” and alleged that he was coerced into listening to the full version which lasted well over an […]

Dear Indian Youth of all Hues and Shades, There’s nothing to suggest that I’m qualified to write a letter to you other than the fact I too was young like you once upon a time and now suffer from a delusion of grandeur which makes me believe that I can write letters to millions of […]

Despite claims that his life has been ‘totally transformed’ by attending a two week meditation retreat conducted by the Vipaassana Buddhist foundation, friends of Mr. Srijith Nair claimed that he’s still the “same shallow and self centred chap we’ve always known.” “Yeah, we were all pretty surprised at first when we heard from our buddy […]

Science and religion share similar aspirations. They both wish to shed light on why things are the way they are. They attempt to explain the mysterious and to help us find our ways through our lives. But, their similarities end there. Science versus Religion Religions, with rare exceptions, take the view that the world was […]

In what is being called a challenge to conventional free speech principles, a study performed by scientists from the Indian Institute of Science has concluded that the nation will be “significantly better off” if 82 percent of its citizens stopped having opinions with immediate effect. “We tested a large number of people across a wide […]

In what’s shaping up as the debate of the year, the Universe issued a strong statement, earlier this week, denying that it was either ‘messing around’ or ‘screwing up a man’s entire life up’ and in attempt at damage control sought to downplay the fracas as “shit happens.” The saga of alleged sabotage, according to […]

Our lives are shaped as much by our personalities as they are by our genders, ethnic origin and other demographic factors. Introversion and extroversion are the north and the south of temperaments. According to studies, one third to a half of all people are introverts, which is pretty amazing considering how few people would admit to […]

Life in uncertain. Why do we struggle to comprehend uncertainty? What can we do about it?

A wodehousian re-telling of the tale from the Mahabharata of Bhishma and how he came to take his terrible oath of celibacy.

Is proof required to believe? Or must there belief sometimes before proof can be understood, as in the case of the Pythagoras theorem?

Part 2 of the Maha Kumbh Mela trip report. Ayodhya – the city built by the Gods.

Would you take the trouble of going to a place where lakhs of people gather and jostle for limited space and other resources, and incur obvious health risks posed by such an environment? A bunch of us did. And this is my account of that. Why? It’s hard to explain why we chose to go […]

Corruption. Voter education. Terrorism. You name the problem. I have the solution. Bring it on.

The mind substitutes likelihood with representative-ness of an event. This is how we make errors in judgment which can have far reaching impact on society.

Viswaroopam: This review has been cleared by the Censor Board, approved by 58 fringe groups, cut by 223 words and blessed by Amma before being published.

Are we condemned to always play out our Darwinian impulses? Will our humanity always beat out the divinity in us?

I’ve watched my share of Bollywood films. And here are some invaluable and subtly powerful lessons Bollywood has taught me on this rocky journey.

I stopped watching news on television more than five years ago. Here’s why.

I think our approach to Pakistan is messed up. Here’s why I think so.

The king of the jungle lays down the rules.Straight from the heart.

The time has come to confront the question that’s been on the lips of women since the dawn of time. “Why do men suck?”

Much water flowed under the bridge this year. Here’s a recap of the events of 2012, assembled using my tweets during the year.

A letter from an ordinary citizen of India. To whomsoever it may concern.

Dear Mr. Krishna Dwaipaayana, Thanks for sending in your manuscript of the “Great War” between cousins to our chief editor. Unfortunately, she’s vacationing in Shimla, and checking her emails only to see if her salary got credited. Our deputy editor recently left our company to head the literary department at So, I’m along with three other summer interns are in charge of the slush pile. Which brings me to you.

On the origin of the Palestine-Israel conflict. This post has its fundamental origins in my deep rooted disavowal of patriotism and nationalism as divisive notions. There is only one thing common and binding to all of us – that is the inherent goodness of our selves that we are born with.

Time is one of the most fascinating human constructs. In the matter of cosmology and universal time scales, the Hindus have put forth a grand idea, and whether true or not, it does make the pulse quicken. My belief is that it would benefit all to take notice of this.

Creativity is divergence in thought – an ability to consider infinite possibilities in the place of one or few. We are all born with it. Tragically, it dies within most of us by the time we cross the age of ten. Why? Why are not more of us creating things? Does creativity have to involve pain and suffering? What does it mean to create?

I will freely admit that I’m an unabashed admirer of scientists. Well, most of them. They are practitioners of the scientific method, a means which is relentlessly objective and rational. The scientific method calls for a statement or theory to be verifiable (or falsifiable) and repeatable. Practitioners of the scientific method do not subscribe to […]