The rule of three says you can get only at most two of charisma, integrity and performance in a leader.

Corruption. Voter education. Terrorism. You name the problem. I have the solution. Bring it on.

I think our approach to Pakistan is messed up. Here’s why I think so.

Middle Class Muggle writes, “I’m tired of working hard to make a living. So, I’m thinking of entering politics.” Dr. What Ho! responds.

Much water flowed under the bridge this year. Here’s a recap of the events of 2012, assembled using my tweets during the year.

A letter from an ordinary citizen of India. To whomsoever it may concern.

It’s important to understand that the UPA government is being accused of two things on the 2G scam front: corruption and incompetence. Here’s how to look at it.

According to reports, repeated use of the word ‘qualia’ has supposedly sparked the latest groundswell of outrage. Chopra apologizes and gives up on humanity.

Scientists at CERN in Europe recently claimed that they may have found proof that the Higgs Boson aka the God Particle exists. What Ho! recently caught up with the elusive Higgs boson in a dimly lit corner of a cafe in Casablanca, where the God Particle agreed to speak on the record. Here’s what I heard.

In an intriguing twist to the 2,000+ year old history of the religion, a prominent leader of Tibetan buddhists today stepped forward with the startling and controversial claim that the core tenet of his faith – “to stay in the moment” – was perhaps over-rated.

In an aggressive bid to stay afloat, Kingfisher Airlines has announced massive discounts for passengers who are willing to fly the plane. However, the airlines has put in strict qualification standards for eligibility.  “Only those with a two wheeler license and a helmet are eligible for the scheme”, cautioned the airlines spokesperson. “Also, preference will […]

BCCI has announced bold steps to revamp Indian cricket to make it even less appealing to fans. The President of BCCI said, at a press conference, “We’ve taken specific policy decisions around match fixing which are path breaking in nature. All series played by India in India will be won by India. We also expect […]

Long long ago, there lived a farmer named Jack. He had a beautiful wife and two lovely young children. Jack was very proud of his family and worked very hard every day in his field to raise crops and vegetables so they could live comfortably. In a few years, he built a nice little house for […]