I’m not looking to just “watch a movie.” I’m in search of an experience that will rock at the foundations, perhaps even annihilate, everything that I once believed about human nature. And, I’m willing to pay up to $11.00 (inclusive of tax) for that experience.

What a time to be alive!

I feel incredibly alive these days. Why, you wonder.

Two reasons.

1. I deleted my Twitter account. 20K followers gone. Poof. Just like that. Blood has started flowing again through the thumbs. The real world just got more real now. Boy, it feels good.

2. The recent and unexpected complete collapse of world order, by which I mean the election of Donald Trump. The rise of nationalist nutcases all around the world, including in my own backyard, has made me realize that life, as it is said, is short. There’s a fairly good chance that we’ll all be gone at 3 AM Eastern Time one of these days because someone decided to respond to one of Donald’s tweets with a nuclear warhead. Anything is possible now more than ever, especially the end of the world.

Every little experience feels visceral all of a sudden. I have more appreciation for this world. I’m more thankful than ever. The pancakes jump off the breakfast plate a little more than they used to. Colors appear more vibrant. The morning air is crisper. The music reverberates more. I’m loving my noise canceling headphones more and more each passing day. I’ve completely let go. You want me to renew my┬ácar insurance? Hard pass, guys. I don’t think we’re gonna need it.

That’s not all. I saved the best for last. With Donald keeping his day job as the executive producer of the Celebrity Apprentice, he will now be Arnold’s boss. Put everything down and think about that for a second. What a time to be alive!