10 Things You Need to Know About Twitter

To be honest, I’ve not (yet) met Subhorup “Subho” Dasgupta. But I look forward to that conspiracy of circumstances. I’m a regular reader of his blog.  How I stumbled on the blog is not interesting. What’s interesting is what happened after that. As I idly browsed Subho’s quirkily named Jejeune Diet, I did what any self respecting stalker would do, which was to click on his ‘About Me.’  There I found a person, who was about ‘intelligent writing and conversation’ and wished to be remembered for ‘doing something about it.’ Fascinated, I read more on his blog. A fan of Subho was thus born.

So, when he recently asked if I’d write for Jejeune Diet, saying yes was the easy part. Then came the pressure of having to live up to his readers’ expectations. When you write for a blog of which you are a fan, you become the writer and the reader simultaneously, and worry if you can bridge the twain.

 Here are a couple of things I’d like to request, before you click through and get over to Subho’s Jejeune Diet.

  1. Read his ‘About Me
  2. Read some of his wonderful posts. For starters, I recommend this moving piece about Janis Joplin

Not everything appeals to everyone. Indeed, I don’t always relate to everything Subho writes about.  But, here’s the thing. Sometimes, what is being written about doesn’t really matter when the quality of writing is high. That is the reason I read Subho regularly. I hope you will too.

Ok. I’m done. Without further ado, I present “10 Things You Must Know About Twitter” – my contribution to that awesome something that Subho is in the process of doing so well.

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4 Replies to “10 Things You Need to Know About Twitter”

  1. You are entirely too kind!! My struggle has been to remain true to what I believe about my own writing, a trait that I would like to think I share with you. I was quite uncertain what the response would be when I wrote in asking if you would write for SJD, as I rate the humor and satire here among the finest that one comes across anywhere. Anywhere. I am deeply touched both by your gift of the wonderful post and this lovely introduction. Now I am off to read my About Me.

  2. I hope more people find you and read you, Subho. The best part about finding cool stuff is sharing with others. I’d say that you fully deserve this introduction, but that sounds so patronizing! Anyway, I’ll leave it at this. I’ll keep reading as long as you keep writing, man. Cheers.

  3. Lovely introduction, Srini! As you pointed out, not everything he churns out appeals to everyone. For eg. I am not a music fan, so I give a wide berth to those posts. But he is honest in his writing and sensibilities so like you I love reading his blog. And that applies to all of us. We can’t possibly say that we like everything that any blogger writes. You might be an exception though :-p.

  4. Thanks Rachna. You’ve known Subho longer (I think) and you’ve said it better: “honest in his writing and sensibilities.” Now, I will extrapolate your ‘exception’ bit to mean that I’m exceptional and bask in that compliment today 🙂 Thank you for saying that, seriously.

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