Haasya Vayu Purana (as told by a fan)

Recently, Laughing Gas completed its first year anniversary of its existence. Here’s a fan speculating that its origin might date back to much longer than that! Thank you, anonymous! All I can say that it continues to worry and amaze me simultaneously that folks are actually reading this blog.

From a Laughing Gas fan

I am a silent admirer of Laughing Gas blog. I just read, laugh lots and thank quietly. So, I felt it wouldn’t be too much to show a modicum of gratitude & appreciation. This is a simple heartfelt note to congratulate and felicitate Laughing Gas.

Here are three top reasons why I love Laughing Gas.
1. It’s funny.
2. It’s very funny.
3. Did I mention that it’s terribly funny?

The simplest truths are the greatest. Laughing Gas does its invisible work by sneaking into you mysteriously without warning and inducing convulsive laughter attacks. It spreads humor like bees spread pollen. It is another vital air just like oxygen, I’d say! As a token of further appreciation, I present the following wildly imaginative epic as a compliment. I hope other fans enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Great philosophers & scientists have been for long baffled by the mystery behind origins of the universe. What happened before the big bang? How did the big bang itself come about? What ho! I present the the ‘Laughing Gas Saga’ aka ‘Haasya Vayu Purana’ which provides answers.

The Vayu Purana may not be new to many. If it is, here’s a synopsis. According to Hindu scriptures, it’s one of the 18 principal chronicles of the origins of the universe, as told by the anthropomorphistic Wind God Vayu. Further to be noted, Haasya, traditionally understood as ‘humor’, is one of the nine principal essences of theatrical-emotional expressions enumerated by the ancient thinker-cum-bard Bharata in the Natya Shastra.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s a twist to that tale, one which I call the ‘Haasya Vayu Purana’ aka the Laughing Gas Saga.  My fable is built on the premise that humor is a fundamental creative principle – even perhaps, the élan vital of the universe – and the events of this Purana took place a long long time ago, much before the Big Bang.

Once upon a time, for eons together, a state of a still and deep silence prevailed. The ‘original cause’ whom I shall call The One (for dramatic effect) wrapped itself comfortably in this perfect silence and nothingness. All was in a state of rest. One fine day, The One woke up flexing every muscle after a nice deep long refreshing sleep. It was time to wake the world into existence. It was a particularly silent and lone morning walk that day for The One. There was no one around to offer even a cup of coffee. Naturally, this sent The One into a dark and pensive mood, and had it wondering how to bring forth Its creation. The One knew that the stillness had to be excited into action for creation to unfold.

The One went into deep meditation for another ten thousand yugas. Finally, It opened Its legendary third eye, and brought forth a Creative Will in the form of a dazzling golden shining light form. The One beheld this resplendent light form thoughtfully with admiration. And before you could say what ho!, this dazzling light – the Creative Will – had transformed itself into Laughing Gas.

Laughing Gas then sprung into action swiftly and permeated the very core being of The One. Within a few divine moments, The One started shaking with unrestrained laughter. This caused powerful reverberations in the vast stillness, which began to multiply at an exceedingly high rate. One thing led to another  (just as a juicy gossip catches on like forest fire!), and all dormant energy fields began to stir into some serious action. And thus the big bang came about.  Gazillions of tiny giggling particles burst forth from this cosmic (read ‘comic’) explosion carrying the life force of The One far and wide, busily giving a new spin to creation!

And, so it happened. Since then, the Creative Will aka Laughing Gas has continued to make a worldly appearance during every eon in a form suitable to that era, out of consideration for its fans. In today’s age, we know it, follow it and love it, of course, as the Laughing Gas Blog. It still causes explosive convulsive laughter attacks upon whomever it comes across and continues to spread the light.

Those who read, hear, sing, like or tweet this incredible story on Laughing Gas are indeed blessed by the everlasting laughing waters of paradise. Thus ends the only & final chapter in Haasya Vayu Purana aka The Laughing Gas Saga as told by anonymous to the world at large.

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  1. Dear Laughing Gas,
    Thank you for publishing my article. Continue to spread the cheer!
    All the best! Here’s wishing you a great fan following…
    Best wishes,
    – A

  2. Dear Laughing Gas,
    Thank you for publishing my article. Continue to spread the cheer!
    All the best! Here’s wishing you a great fan following…
    Best wishes,
    – A

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