Whistle podu, machi!

Last night, Chennai Super Kings beat Bangalore Royal Challengers with ridiculous ease to win their second and back-2-back IPL title.

It’s better to be lucky than to be right, so someone said.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni continues to provide ample evidence of both lucky and right. T20 World Cup, the “real” World Cup, one Champions League win and now a back-to-back IPL win last night. No question that MSD is the cat’s meow  and the bee’s knees of Indian cricket. The man can do no wrong, it appears.

As my heart bleeds for RCB, I wonder if there was more at play than MSD’s famed luck. How did the first ranked RCB  hit nadir in the finals? Surely, some foul play must have been afoot. There can be only one explanation. And, it has got to be that Tamil Nadu special “lucky dip” package. Must be that mixie, grinder, laptop, two lungis and Rs 5,000 slipped under the doors in the dark of the night that must have done the trick for Dhoni’s boyz.

whistle podu, machi!

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